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Emu Farming

Starting a Emu Farm

Before starting an Emu farm, you should understand some of the basic things. A good planning is required. First of all decide the land. The land should be preferably dry, non-water clogging area. Before bringing the Emu, plant some trees … Continue reading

Average production figures

The figures presented below below should be used as a guide only Age at sexual maturity: 2 years Number of eggs/year: I st year breeders: 8-12 Under Artificial Incubation:16-24 Male: Female ratio in breeding Emus: 1:1 or 1:2 Weights at: … Continue reading

Facilities – Land, Fencing and Shelters

The facilities required to establish a small Emu farm or ranch are minimal. Emus can be successfully raised in small pens or large pasture or a combination of the two. Fencing can be chain link 2 inch by 4 inch … Continue reading

Breeder pens

One breeder pair of Emu can be adequately maintained in a pen 25 feet by 60 or 10 feet/100 feet with an 8 feet by 8 foot shelter, covered on two or three sides.

Colony pens

Stocked with between 5 to 10 pairs of Emu breeder in 100 feet X 100 feet area. Farmers are run colony pens during the summer and moving the breeder pen into smaller pen 25’ X 60’ when breeding season approaches.

Grow out pens

Chicks of 2 to 3 months and above of a similar size are kept from 20 to 50 birds in 50 feet X 100 feet area they are ready to transport to a processing (slaughter) facility.

Chick runs

The chick is moved to a chick run any the tape in removed at 4 days old, it stays in this run until it is 2 – 3 months old. During the day, ft the weather in not too cold … Continue reading

Handling of Emu birds

Handling of Emus may be necessary for the reasons of moving the birds from one location to another, identification, sexing, or medicating bird etc. Emus are usually docile and non-aggressive.

Wing hold method

The most common way to handle adult size birds in to approach the bird quietly (walk don’t run), once you are close enough, grab it quickly and firmly from the side or behind by both wings. Allow the bird to … Continue reading

Dog collar & Leash method

An easy way to make the collar in by using 2 large dog collars clipped end to end to make a large collar. A leash can be fastened to one of the rings. Catch the bird and place the collar … Continue reading