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At this stage prevention is the only effective method of controlling aspergillosis in Emus Prevention should be aimed at three broad areas

1) Removal or control of favorable areas for fungal growth

This would include such things as removing wet litter not using damp or mouldy straw/ hay as litter or food, not using or removing spoiled grain and regular provision of fresh non- dusty litter

2) Dust control in brooder sheds

This is an important area as dust in the air of brooder sheds appears closely associated with infection with infection of young chicks. Dust is most likely to be raised when litter is being removed or raked over. In these … Continue reading

3) Hygiene

Attention to hygiene can prevent aspergilla numbers building up to point where problems occur this needs to be done in all stages to the end brooder stage Eggs should be fumigated and / or washed in a recognized egg sanitizer … Continue reading