Ratite brooding

Chicks hatched in incubators in incubators have to be brooded artificially until 6 weeks of age This period may have to be extended depending on the outside environment and condition if the weather is warm chicks should have access to outside runs during the day 1-2 weeks of age

Before birds are transferred to be brooding area the yolk sack or navel should be treated to combat the introduction of disease organisms Suitable products are buffered iodine or antibiotic power

During articulate brooding the chicks needs for the following must be met

  • Heat
  • Water
  • Food
  • Ventilation
  • Light
  • Litter

Marks are expanding and there are there are moves towards an Australian industry focus and the development of cooperative market arrangements

There is still tremendous faith in Emu meat, Emu leather and oil as high quality products

The development of an industry quality- assurance program for products

Research is focused on product development and gaining Therapeutic goods agency registration for the unique properties of the oil

Production technology is well developed

Meat, skin and oil are the major products from Emus, carved Emu and small quantities of the Emu feathers are also sold

Emu meat is a low –fat low-cholesterol (less than 0.05%) meat which has a slightly ` gamey` flavor The most valued cuts come from the thigh and the larger muscles of the drum or lower leg.

The Emu body- skin is characterized by a raised area around the feather follicle which produces a distinctive patterned surface It is a fine but strong leather the leg skin has a distinctive scale pattern and is used in leather accessories and to highlight other leathers

Emu fat is rendered to produce an oil which is used in cosmetics and therapeutic products Emu oil is said to add a certain quality to cosmetics and while it is claimed that it is penetrating and effective in the treatment of muscle and joint pain research.

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