Starting a Emu Farm

Before starting an Emu farm, you should understand some of the basic things. A good planning is required. First of all decide the land. The land should be preferably dry, non-water clogging area. Before bringing the Emu, plant some trees for shade in the border of the fence, plan the layout, with separate place for various age birds, storage of feed, watering area, incubator / hatching unit.
Purchase of birds can be started in any of the following ways.

  • Buy eggs and hatch chicks – Require the least capital initially, provided eggs can be obtained at reasonable cost. However production is at least 2 years away.
  • Buy started, sexed chicks (8 weeks) – Reduces the problems involved is hatching and early brooding. It can be more expensive than eggs. Again, production is at least 2 years away.
  • Buy Juveniles (year – old birds) – Offers the opportunity to select birds within a year of sexual maturity.
  • Buy proven breeders – The expensive route, but enables the producer to begin production immediately. Disadvantage of purchased mature breeding pair is higher investment, immediate hatching cost, and no knowledge about pairing and less experience with the birds.
  • Buy combination of above – In general, ideally purchase Emu chicks of 3 – 4 months old. Chicks of this age have excellent livability and very less mortality.
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